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Monday, July 17, 2006 

Augustus Toplady

Yesterday at my church, Grace Fellowship Church (http://gfcto.com) we had an Augustus Toplady night, in which we sang some great hymns written by Toplady. I always enjoys the words of great divines of the past. Unlike some of the songs written and sung today, which can be fluffy, feel-good and somewhat man centered (see previous post, Lend me your brains..song lyrics!) many of the great hynms are full and rich of scripture and tell us of many great theological truths. One of my favorite hymns of Toplady's is, O Fount of Never-Ceasing Grace. Here is another hymn of Toplady's called A Hymn of Soveriegn Grace.

Formed for thyself, and turned to thee,

Thy praises, Lord , I show;
No more, with sacrilegious pride,
I rob thee of thy due.

Divested of my fancied plumes,
I throw me at thy feet;
Nor, as a debt, thy favour claim,
But, as an alms, intreat.

Repentance, holiness, and faith.
By which to thee we live,
Are not conditions we perform,
But graces we receive.

Thy Spirit does not offer life,
But raises from the dead;
And neither asks the sinner's leave,
Nor needs the sinner's aid.

Thy power, before the fruit is good,

Must first renew the tree;
We rise, and work the works of God,
When wrought upon by thee.

Each grace of our celestial birth
From thy blest influence springs;
Which plants, and nourishes, and guards,
And to perfection brings.

Gardens of thine, enclosed and sealed,
Thou all our works hast wrought;
And wilt eternal peace ordain
For those thy blood hath bought.

Had not thy love laid hold on us,
We has not loved thee now;
Possess us quite, thou God of grace,
To whom our all we owe!

Soli Deo Gloria

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