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Thursday, July 13, 2006 

Letters of John Newton

I (Ken) have almost finished a little book by Banner of Truth called Letters of John Newton, and thought I would share a few quotes from it. Some of these letters include subjects about Communion with God, The right use of the Law, Temptation, Controversy and many others which I found really helpful. This is an excellent book. The chapters are usually quite short(3-4 pages), which makes for easier reading if you don't have a lot of time. Here they are:

"Once more: Temptations, by giving us a painful sensibility of the weakness of our graces, and the strength of our inward corruptions, tend to mortify the evil principles of self-dependence and self-righteousness, which are so deeply rooted in our fallen nature; to make Christ, in all his relations, offices, and characters, more precious to us; and to convince us, that without him we can do nothing."
(pg. 97-98)

"Lastly, Faith is of daily use as a preservative from a compliance with the corrupt customs and maxims of the world. The believer, though IN the world, is not OF it: by faith he triumphs over its smiles and enticements; he sees that all that is in the world, suited to gratify the desires of the flesh or the eye, is not only to a avoided as sinful, but as incompatible with his best pleasures. He will mix with the world so far as is necessary, in the discharge of the duties of that station of life in which the providence of God has placed him, but no further. His leisure and inclinations are engaged in a different pursuit. They who fear the Lord are his chosen companions; and the blessings he derives from the word, and throne, and ordinances of grace, make him look upon the poor pleasures and amusements of those who live without God in the world with a mixture of disdain and and pity; and by faith he is proof against its frowns. He will obey God rather than man; he will "have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but will rather reprove them." and if, upon this account, he should be despised and injuriously treated, whatever loss suffers in such a cause, he accounts his gain, and esteems such disgrace, his glory."
(pg. 87)

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