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Tuesday, June 13, 2006 

Lend me your brains..song lyrics!

Recently my bro and I went to a 'worship night' at a nearby church and we sung the following song...what are your thoughts??Does it reflect scripture? What questions does it raise in your brain? Personally I dont like the illusions that are not found in scripture and I think this song has a couple. Perhaps Im mistaken..lemmie know! Here ya go:
Your love is extravagant
Your friendship, mmmm intimate
I feel like moving to the rhythm of Your grace
Your fragrance is intoxicating in our secret place
Your love is extravagant

Spread wide in the arms of Christ
is the love that covers sin
No greater love have I ever known
You considered me a friend
Capture my heart again

Spread wide in the arms of Christ
is the love that covers sin
No greater love have I ever known;
You considered me a friend
Capture my heart again

Your love is extravagant
Your friendship, it is intimate

That makes me want to puke.


Thanks bro for your response...I think we will have to make 'puke' a theological term now...along with ASB (for airplane sickness bag)..sorry I should have warned you not to eat dinner first :-)


FYI: The song was written by Darrell Evans, of Integrity's Hosanna! Music, but I most recently heard it as the closing track to Casting Crowns' very excellent debut CD (2003).

Incidentally, it's the only song on the album not written by Mark Hall, and the only one that doesn't refence scripture in the liner notes. (Thanks to Janis for these tidbits.)

Personal opinion: I'd written off the song a fluff feel-good praise tune, lacking in substance. Never struck me as requiring ASB though :)

This is a song I've sung in church more times than I'd care to remember. I never liked it and never will. The worst part is the "Mmmmmm" that comes right before "intimate." It's like I'm putting my head on Jesus' chest and saying "Mmmmm." And frankly, while I love Jesus, I don't want to cuddle him.

It's a pretty awful song, in my opinion, but not the worst one out there.

I'm with y'all.

With a few minor alterations (and I mean minor!) it could be made the soundtrack to a very perverse movie!

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