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Tuesday, April 04, 2006 

Emergent Weekend!!!

Pastor Paul Martin (from Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto) will be presenting a paper on the Emergent Church, which I cant wait to hear!

The following is an excerpt from his post found at:



I finished the first draft of my paper on Emergent last night. It was good to get it done and now have some time to refine it and think through the issues more fully. Writing is an excellent exercise - it forces you to hatch thoughts that have been incubating for a while. Some of them aren't nearly as amazing on paper as they seem in your brain! You also make some surprising discoveries along the way.

I invited Brian McLaren to join us on Monday once it dawned on me that the date change for SGPF/FRPS would coincide with his trip here to Toronto. Sadly, his flight is leaving Sunday night, so he won't be able to make it. It helped in writing the paper to think that Brian might be at its reading - there is always a temptation to overstate a case and misrepresent an author (it is quite easy to do actually). I think writing with the knowledge that this author might be there helped to keep things honest. (And no, I am not going to go back and change things now that I know he is not coming!)

Please do note the date change:

Meeting is at 10AM on Monday, April 10, 2006. [There is NO meeting on April 17!]

Location: Thistletown Baptist Church, Kipling Avenue, Toronto, [@ 2534 Kipling Ave. (Just north of Finch Ave. and Kipling Ave.)

Cost: Quite free and all are welcome.

Here is a teaser from the paper:

One of the skills of an excellent physician is the ability to quickly and accurately diagnose the illness. If EC has one skill, it is certainly this (with several caveats). If EC is nothing else, it is a reaction to sham Christianity and false spirituality. The examples of this are numerous, especially in McLaren. So, he can easily draw attention to artificial and schmaltzy church music; inattentive hearers of the Word that leave their pews to go back to living like the world; inauthentic Christian communities that breed fake and even destructive relationships; the cocooning of Christians into non-evangelistic lumps of selfishness; the false assumption that “Christian” means white-collar, suburb-dwelling Republican; and a revolting contentedness with surface answers to life’s most genuine and difficult questions.
This proves to be an interesting time together and I would encourage all who can make it to attend!!!

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