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Thursday, March 16, 2006 

Kirk and Ray on ABC's Nightline - Friday!!

From the Way of the Master Newsletter:

Kirk and Ray on ABC's Nightline - Friday

A producer from ABC's Nightline called last month and said that he had seen our TV show and wanted to do an interview with Kirk and Ray. A week later a full camera crew showed up, and ABC flew over a producer and Martin Bashir from New York. Martin Bashir is the hard-hitting reporter who interviewed Princess Diana and conducted the 2003 interview with Michael Jackson. After a spirited, two hour interview we are very excited about its potential for the gospel and for the ministry in general.

We've just been notified that the segment featuring the ministry is scheduled to air this Friday, March 17 at 11:35 pm PST. Please note that Nightline may come on earlier or later in your time zone. Check your local listings. (To check local listings online you can visit AOL Television Listing pages [http://television.aol.com/listings/main.adp], select your area, and then type in "Nightline" in the search box. From there you should easily be able to see when Nightline comes on in your time zone.)

Thought you guys might be interested in the links I've got posted here.

Thanks for the head's up! :)

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