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Saturday, December 03, 2005 

Blunch anyone? Huh?!!??

Mr. Ian Clary has posted the following invite on his blog and I thought Id pass it along !!

Toronto Evangelical Bloggers Brunch

After speaking with a number of bloggers in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area for those not from around here), I am officially posting an invite to the first Toronto Evangelical Bloggers Brunch!
This will hopefully provide an opportunity for a lot of us who only know each other through our respective blogs to meet. The invitation is open to anyone in the GTA who blogs and considers themselves conservative evangelicals. Even if you're not familiar with the rest of the blogs listed below, if you fit the above mentioned category, you are invited.
Upon consensus (see I'm democratic!), I have determined a date for our gathering: Saturday January 21st, 2006 at 10am. I have also asked
Tim Challies and Michael Haykin to each give a brief talk on the relationship between Christianity and the blogosphere.
What I haven't figured out yet is a place to meet. I was thinking that somewhere in the Burlington/Oakville area might be nice. My hope is to reserve a room in a restaurant where we can have some privacy and so that our lectures won't interrupt other diners. If anyone has some suggestions, please let me know.
I thought that it would be good for us to familiarise ourselves with the blogs of those who might come, so below is a list of GTA evangelical bloggers. I've put them in alphabetical order -- no favouritism!!
Challies Dot Com
Charis Christos
Christian Thought
Coluratura Christian
Historia Ecclesiastica
Kerux Noemata
Lost in Grace
Patience Reveals Providence
Post Darwinist
Redeeming the Time
Reflections of the Times
Ruminations by the Lake
The Upward Call
Twin Towers of Faith

So please, check out these blogs. If there are any whom you are not familiar with, post a comment and strike up a conversation. That way, when it comes time for the Brunch, we'll all be at least familiar with one another. For those of you who have not posted in a while, maybe this will be an incentive to get blogging!Also, please post a link to this post on your blog so that others whom I may have missed will link to it and hopefully come out.

A number of GTA Bloggers have ministries or offer merchandise that might be interesting to other bloggers. For example, QuoVadis is the director of Sola Scriptura Ministries and Reflections of the Times markets clothing. If you could bring samples of what you have to offer so that the rest of us can take advantage of these resources, that would be great.
Oh yeah, it should also go without saying that all spouses are also invited!
Hope to hear from you soon!
In Christ,Ian

Please check out Ians' great site (found at http://ruminationsbythelake.blogspot.com/) for interesting articles and for updates on the 'Blunch' (bloggers lunch :-) please go to the following page:


Great job Ian!!

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Just read to the end of the article...

I wish I could delete that last comment...

What do you know! I can!!!'
Now nobody will know how dumb I am!!!

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