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Monday, January 30, 2006 

A Fight to the Death!!

Im always interested in books dealing with the subject of sin and temptation. Sin is something that, as christians, we must all battle with throughout our life. In their book, 'A Fight to the Death', Dr. Wayne and Joshua Mack give an excellent and thorough overview of the biblical view on sin and temptation.

Although it is not a deeply theological book (as compared to John Owen's volume on 'Temptation and Sin', for example) it is a great tool for the pastor or layperson to gain insight into sin and how to daily fight the battle against it.

The first part of this book deals with a detailed survey of what sin is, while the second part deals with how to kill sin. The book is very readable and gives great insight into the subject at hand. The application and discussion questions at the end of each chapter provide a practical and thought provoking study that can be used in private as well as church situations. The authors give a proper view of sin by discussing what it is, our view of sin, what God thinks of sin, why it is foolishness as well as why we still sin. It has a wonderful section on how our sin affects God and Christ. This book offers fresh insight into the daily fight and is both encouraging and Christ centered. 'A fight to the Death' also contains a scripture index section which is very useful. The conclusion of the book deals with the importance prayer and being watchful in our fight against sin.

I don't have many concerns with regard to this work and, although it may not be practical given the size of the book, I would have liked to have seen all scripture verses fully written out (at times they are only referenced) as well as to have a subject index in the back of the volume.

I highly recommend this book to all who desire to fight hard against sin and glorify Christ in doing so!

Foreword 9
Introduction 13

Part 1:

Why Fight Sin?
1. Think about This 17
2. Know Your Enemy 24
3. The World’s Worst Tyrant 33
4. Dumb and Dumber 42
5. If It’s So Bad, Why Do I Feel So Good? 51

Part 2:

How to Put Sin to Death

6. What Killing Your Sin Means 69
7. You Can Kill Your Sin Because . . . 82
8. Remember, You Don’t Sin Alone 92
9. Pay Attention to the Seasons 105
10. You Must Know Yourself 116
11. Don’t Listen to Sin’s Sales Pitch 131
12. Learn from Failures 144
13. Concluding Lessons on Killing Sin 154
Notes 170
Index of Scripture 173

The book is listed on Amazon.com at the following link and will be available for purchase when it is released:


My thanks to Joshua Mack for allowing me to review an advanced copy of his book. Keep delighting in Christ and desiring Him above all things!!


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